Grounded Living Is Self Respect

87 Self-Care Ideas

  • go to your favorite workout class

  • do 5 minutes of deep breathing

  • snuggle your dog/cat

  • give someone a hug

  • take a bath

  • make a cup of herbal tea

  • read a book

  • give yourself a facial massage

  • do a face mask

  • take a walk

  • turn your phone off

  • call your best friend

  • try a fast - we love ProLon

  • light your favorite candle

  • turn on music

  • do an at-home yoga video

  • meditate

  • take a 10-minute work break & get outside

  • stand up and stretch

  • eat your lunch/dinner away from screens

  • curl up with a blanket

  • watch inspirational videos/following inspirational people online

  • chop veggies/make dinner to music you love

  • journal - in a book or your phone

  • pour yourself your favorite warm drink - tea, coffee, hot chocolate, tonic

  • choose healthy foods that will energize you

  • buy yourself a pass to a fun fitness class

  • do something creative you love

  • make yourself a green smoothie (or juice)

  • cook a new recipe

  • bake a batch of cookies (or brownies, or cupcakes, or whatever you love)

  • say “no” to something (or someone)

  • unfollow and unfriend people who make you feel bad about yourself

  • follow 5 new inspiring accounts on Instagram

  • repeat a mantra

  • take yourself on a solo date to the movies

  • splurge on a natural skincare product

  • enjoy something sweet without regret

  • make a gratitude list

  • make a dreams list

  • dry brush your skin

  • find a new podcast to listen to

  • have a girls night IN

  • chew your food slowly and enjoy every single bite

  • try a new restaurant

  • make a superfood hot chocolate

  • go to bed 30 minutes early

  • buy a new plant

  • make a Pinterest board of inspiring quotes

  • buy yourself some flowers (or pick them!)

  • dance

  • watch the sunset (or sunrise)

  • take a nap

  • explore a new hobby

  • sunbathe for 15 min

  • sing in the shower and car

  • book a weekend getaway

  • go to a new museum

  • find something free to do in your city or town

  • meet a friend for coffee/tea

  • try acupuncture

  • do a closet purge (and donate what doesn't bring you joy anymore)

  • smile at a stranger on the street

  • go on a picnic

  • learn a new language

  • drink more water

  • volunteer for a cause you care about

  • do a puzzle

  • go for a hike

  • make a playlist of songs that motivate (and uplift) you

  • play hookie

  • eat some dark chocolate

  • have a glass of your favorite wine

  • declutter a space in your home

  • try a type of cuisine you've never taste

  • give someone else a compliment

  • diffuse essential oils

  • make your favorite comfort food and enjoy every bite

  • sweat it out in a sauna/hot yoga/hot pilates/etc.

  • sit outside for 15 minutes and do nothing

  • take off your shoes and connect with the grass or dirt - ground

  • listen to a few chapters of an audiobook

  • find a local class to try (cooking, art, meditation, etc.)

  • get a Reiki healing session

  • talk to a therapist

  • reach out to an old friend

  • say 5 things OUT LOAD that you love about yourself

How do you practice self-care?

Share your favorite thing that you do in the comments ❤️ 

Be Well, Eat Well, Be You

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